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The joker candle

A joker can join two separated groups of colors together into one bigger group.

Difficulty Level

You will receive 1 joker
if the number of candles remaining in the playing field is:


7 or less


5 or less


4 or less


Jokers are white candles that can be used to bridge the gap between two separated groups of similarly colored candles.
Using the joker candle this way, you can join two separated groups of similarly colored candles into one bigger one, thus earning more credits and emptying the playing field more quickly. A joker can form a group with any other colored candle or joker.

A joker can be placed by tapping on the joker button in the top right corner of the screen, followed by tapping on the place in the playing field where you want the joker to be placed.

You cannot tap on a joker in order to select a group, because the color of the group would then be ambivalent. In order to select a group containing a joker, you will have to tap on a candle of any of the four colors that is adjacent to a joker.

Depending on the number of remaining candles and the level of difficulty chosen at the start of the game, you will or will not receive a joker at the end of each level.


You will receive 2 jokers if you empty the playing field entirely!


The joker button, indicating the number of jokers that are available for use.

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