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Main objective

The main objective of the game is to select and eliminate groups of similarly colored candles. The game consists of 20 levels (playing fields filled with candles).


Eliminating a group of candles is done by tapping twice on a group of two or more adjacent candles of the same color.

The first time a group is tapped, the group is highlighted and the candles are blown out (see image below-right). The second time you tap on the selected group, the group will be eliminated.

Candles in all four colors

A group of 3 blue candles has been selected by tapping once on 1 of the blue candles. Tapping them a second time, eliminates this group.

Score and Targets

The larger the eliminated group, the more credits you will score.

Each level of the game has a target number of credits that has to be scored. If you earn less credits than the target, you will have failed the level and you can retry that level for a limited number of times.


You can retry a failed level, for as long as you have retries remaining. You can earn an extra retry by completely clearing the playing field. You start each game with a fixed number of retries, depending of the difficulty level that you have selected at the start of the game (see table below).

Difficulty Level

Number of Retries







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How to play CandleCrush