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CandleCrush is a color matching game for the entire family.

You might think you have seen them all by now, but we assure you that the CandleCrush game has many challenges to offer for even the most experienced users among us.

We need to warn you though… the game is somewhat addictive!

The game can be played in 3 different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.

In any of these difficulty levels though, during the 20 levels of the game the difficulty level slowly increases, just enough to increase the effort you will have to put in, to create increasingly larger groups of candles of similar colors.

As you proceed, the target you are to achieve will be harder to reach in every level.

If you have earned any jokers however, you will be able to create bigger groups of similar color that enables you to reach the set target almost every time.

To get you off the hook sometimes, you will receive several retries on starting the game, but these retries will drain.. unless you manage to empty the entire playing field of candles.

Read more on how to play the game by pressing the Start button below!

Have fun!

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